Literary Explorations

Saturday, June 16, 2007


Here's a set of haiku I once wrote for a campus magazine.

I read
Knowledge grows
Pride envelops.

I awaken
Look around
Grope through the darkness.

I question
And reason
The answer eludes.

I laugh
And cry
Time Flies.

The sun sets
Day ends
Peace at last !!!



Of course! The traditional first post explaining what the blog is about, etc. etc.

It is quite fashionable to have a blog nowadays (irrespective of whether you record anything of note on it), and occasionally one does experience the desire to be trendy. So, in keeping with fashion I decided to start a blog and since it should be a blog with a difference, I decided to blog in Sanskrit. Since I was a bit bogged down with work last semester, there weren't too many posts there over the last half year or so (hopefully that is going to change).

The astute reader may then raise the question - so why a new blog? It has always been my belief that I could turn out some literary work not totally unacceptable. The problem proverbially was getting started. What to write about? The occasion has finally arrived when I have actually found something to write and so I begin. The grand idea is to put down all my compositions here so that they are not lost for posterity (sic!). I hope to put up the poems I have composed at various points in time on this blog, once I find them. I hope to write in various languages - English, my beloved mother tongue Kannada and my favorite language Sanskrit (no...seriously. Check this out).

So happy reading. Feel free to comment.